The School for Discipleship and Mission Introduction is aimed for Christians who are passionate about getting to know GOD and who are merciful to people who do not yet know God's redeeming love.


For people who want to serve GOD in a certain area of ​​society and who represent his loving and redeeming character.


  • School of 12 months with 3 months of theory and 9 months of practice

  • Participation with good knowledge of Spanish or English language

Be part of a very special experience: in the children's and family-camps we learn and find out a lot about God's character in a short time.

Each camp deals with a certain topic and we live, eat, play and pray together.

Give your children and families your love, attention and show them your belief in the goodness and grace of JESUS.

  • for all Christians from the age of 18

  • of at least 3 weeks



Work with us in Bolivia and serve GOD and their families with your talents.


You are welcome! No matter whether for 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months!


  • for all Christians from the age of 18

  • for supporting tasks such as construction work, office, shopping, kitchen, garden maintenance - no knowledge in Spanish necessary

  • Pedagogical work only after 1 week of training with the specialist and basic Spanish knowledge