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Based on the bible we are convinced of the incredible value of each individual. As Christians we have discovered GOD´s love as the source of life.  We want to get to know HIM better and share HIS love with other people.

​Based on christian values, families in need in Cochabamba (Bolivia) empowered with God's help, so that children can develop safe and loving families and begin a full life with JESUS, that are free from drugs, prostitution, and violence.



The non-governmental organization MI CASA Bolivia is a project of the Swiss Aid Organization KINDER IM HERZEN - Christian children's relief organization based in Switzerland.

MI CASA is a non-profit organization in Bolivia.

MI CASA's first family center is located in Cochabamba.


Dr. Diana Kuring.JPG

Dr. Diana Kuring

Diana is our well-trained executive director and her heart beats for the love of Jesus and to share HIS love with children in need.  

"I am grateful for the work in MI CASA because I want to strengthen the families in the poor areas so that the children can develop safely - safely with trusting God, knowledge and humility."


Ruedi Notz

Ruedi is the president of  the Swiss Aid Organization "KINDER IM HERZEN". 

He has a great heart for families and loves Jesus.

For any questions about the Swiss Aid Organization feel free to contact the president:

Christliches Kinderhilfswerk "KINDER IM HERZEN"

8636 Wald ZH - Schweiz


Alexander Hohl

Alexander is an enthusiastic disciple of JESUS and the auditor of the Swiss Aid Organization "KINDER IM HERZEN".


He is an expert in the field of finances and he takes care of an accurate handling of all donations.

Why we support MI CASA ...


Verena Dill.jpg

Verena Dill

"I support MI CASA because I want to pass on to others what I have been given in life, to those who would have little chance of a dignified life without any help and support.

My gifts are intended to help children and their parents at MI CASA to get hope and perspective for their lives.

I can't help everyone but I can do my part that a few of the poorest are provided with food, drinking water, medical care, education, and more."


Claudia & Marcel Brennwald

 "MI CASA cares for the weakest in the world. Children in one of the poorest countries in South America, whose parents cannot take care of their children enough. The support comes with a clear concept, Christian values ​​and a lot of passion.

We are happy to support that."


Leone Calderone

"The fate of these children/ parents living far away, moves me a lot. I would like to support MI CASA in anyway I possibly can. I support MI CASA and therefore I am part of their work"

Ruedi und Sandra.jpg

Sandra & Ruedi Notz

"We are happy to support MI CASA, so that we can share in a small way what we have  and to help the under privileged children in Cochabamba!

The heart from Diana & Javier to help families in the name of the Lord is so evident in this amazing project!

We see other helpers also drawn to help! It's so wonderful to see the children faces to be so radiant and be blessed with love, bible stories, and meals that's provided!"

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